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21. Fireflies
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Look! Look down in the garden how The firefly lights are flitting now! A million tiny sparks I know Flash through the pinks and golden-glow, And I am very sure that all Have come to light a fairy ball, And if I could stay up Id ...

22. Grandfather Knows
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Grandfather says of all things The silliest hes heard Is that some children call things Theyve never seen, absurd! And have their doubts of true things, And wont believe, because They say, If you but knew things, Ther...

23. In July
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Let us find a shady wady Pretty little brook; Let us have some candy handy, And a picture-book. There all day well stay and play and Never mind the heat, While the water gleaming, streaming, Ripples round our feet. ...

24. In The Water-World
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Down among the water-weeds, Darting through the grass, Round about the tasseled reeds, See the minnows pass! See the little turtles there, Hiding, half asleep, Tucked in tangled mosses where Tiny crayfish creep! Wa...

25. Lost!
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Peep! Peep! Peep! Poor little chick! Little cry so weak and small, Meadow grass so tall and thick, And the clover tufts so tall! Little heart in sore distress, Longing for the mother wing; Through the weedy wilderness ...


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