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31. Pop-Corn
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Pop! Pop!--Poppetty-pop! Shake and rattle and rattle and shake The golden grains as they bounce and break To fluffy puffiness--Poppetty-pop! Bursting and banging the poppers top! Poppetty-pop! Pop...

32. Showery Time
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

The April rain-drops tinkle In cuckoo-cups of gold, And warm south winds unwrinkle The buds the peach-boughs hold. In countless fluted creases The little elm-leaves show, While white as carded fleeces The dogwood blos...

33. Sleepy Time
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Hey, baby! Ho, baby! here upon my knee, See the firelight flicker over you and me! See the tiny people basking in the glow, Peering through the ruddy little coals, and so How they dance and scamper! Merry fairy folk! Little sparks ...

34. Sleigh-Bells
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle! Happy winter-time! Babys eyes a-twinkle, Hear the sleigh-bells chime! Each one rings a merry Ting-a-ling-a-ling! For a sleigh-bell fairy Hides inside to sing. See them quake and quiver, ...

35. Song
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Honey-dew drippity-drops for a feast, Dreams of delight when the feasting has ceased, Poppy and rose, Drain them and doze; This is a song that the butterfly knows.


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