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36. Teddy Bears Picnic
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Teddy Bears Picnic  If you go out in the woods today You're sure of a big surprise. If you go out in the woods today You'd better go in disguise. For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain, because ...

37. The Babys Ride
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Chee! Chee! Chickadee! Sing-time and sun! Aye, aye, baby-bye, Springtime has begun! * * * * * In the little willow cart, On a downy bed, Pretty parasol of silk Swinging overhead, Let u...

38. The Birds Bath
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

In our garden we have made Such a pretty little pool, Lined with pebbles neatly laid, Filled with water clean and cool. [Illustration: THE BIRDS BATH] When the sun shines warm and high Robins cluster round its brink, Ne...

39. The Bluebird
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

To-day at dawn there twinkled through The pearly mist a flash of blue So dazzling bright I thought the sky Shone through the rifted clouds on high, Till, by and by, A note so honey-sweet I heard, I knew that bright...

40. The Circus Procession
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Oh, hurry! hurry! here they come, The band in front with the big bass drum And blaring bugles,—there they are, On golden thrones in a golden car, Tooting and fluting, oh, how grand! Hi diddle, diddle! The fife and the fiddle! Hurra...


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