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6. A Valentine To Catherine
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

If you will be my True-Love, Ill tell you what Ill do, Ill ask a little bluebird To sing a song to you. When first you see a violet And softly pricking through The garden-bed come crocuses And golden tulips, too, T...

7. An Indian Raid
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Did you see some Indians passing, Just a short while back? Looks as if they must be massing For a fierce attack! Buckskin fringes, turkey-feather Huge head-dresses and Bows and arrows, altogether Quite a frightful ban...

8. Another Sure Sign
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

When pink-cheeked on every hand Little girls are seen to stand Turning skipping ropes,--swish-swash!-- While their laughing playmates run Jumping over,--oh, what fun!-- Swish-swash! Swish-swash! Two and two now, see them dash!...

9. Babys Baking
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

So, so, spade and hoe, Little pile of sand; See it turning into dough In the babys hand! Little pie with crimpy crust, Set it in the sun; Sugar it with powdered dust, And bake it till its done.

10. Basking
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Frosty winter chased away By the blessed sun, Down upon the garden walks Basking has begun. Oh, the happy, happy heat! How the pulses stir, How it warms the hearts beneath Little coats of fur! Oh, the happy pussy-c...


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