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36. He Made the Stars Also.
(American Lyrics and Songs/American Lyrics and Songs)

Vast hollow voids, beyond the utmost reach Of suns, their legions withering at His nod, Died into day hearing the voice of God; And seas new made, immense and furious, each Plunged and rolled forward, feeling for a beach; He walked the w...

37. Hebe.
(American Lyrics and Songs/American Lyrics and Songs)

I saw the twinkle of white feet, I saw the flash of robes descending; Before her ran an influence fleet, That bowed my heart like barley bending. As, in bare fields, the searching bees Pilot to blooms beyond our finding, It led me on,...

38. Her Epitaph.
(American Lyrics and Songs/American Lyrics and Songs)

The handful here, that once was Mary's earth, Held, while it breathed, so beautiful a soul, That, when she died, all recognized her birth, And had their sorrow in serene control. Not here! not here! to every mourner's heart The wintry wi...

39. Hunting-song.
(American Lyrics and Songs/American Lyrics and Songs)

Oh, who would stay indoor, indoor, When the horn is on the hill? (Bugle: Tarantara!) With the crisp air stinging, and the huntsmen singing, And a ten-tined buck to kill! Before the sun goes down, goes down, We shall slay the buck of ten; (Bugl...

40. Ichabod.
(American Lyrics and Songs/American Lyrics and Songs)

So fallen! so lost! the light withdrawn Which once he wore! The glory from his gray hairs gone Forevermore! Revile him not,--the Tempter hath A snare for all; And pitying tears, not scorn and wrath, Befit his fall! Oh, dumb be passi...


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