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41. Betty Blue
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Little Betty Blue Lost her holiday shoe; What shall little Betty do? Give her another To match the other And then shell walk upon two.

42. Billy, Billy
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Billy, Billy, come and play, While the sun shines bright as day. Yes, my Polly, so I will, For I love to please you still. Billy, Billy, have you seen Sam and Betsy on the green? Yes, my Poll, I saw them pass, Skipping oer the new-mown grass. Bil...

43. Birds Of A Feather
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Birds of a feather flock together, And so will pigs and swine; Rats and mice will have their choice, And so will I have mine.

44. Blue Bell Boy
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

I had a little boy, And called him Blue Bell; Gave him a little work,-- He did it very well. I bade him go upstairs To bring me a gold pin; In coal scuttle fell he, Up to his little chin. He went to the garden To pick a little sage; He tu...

45. Bobby Shaftoe
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Bobby Shaftoes gone to sea, With silver buckles on his knee: Hell come back and marry me, Pretty Bobby Shaftoe! Bobby Shaftoes fat and fair, Combing down his yellow hair; Hes my love for evermore, Pretty Bobby Shaftoe.


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