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46. Bobby Snooks
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Little Bobby Snooks was fond of his books, And loved by his usher and master; But naughty Jack Spry, he got a black eye, And carries his nose in a plaster.

47. Boy And Girl
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

There was a little boy and a little girl Lived in an alley; Says the little boy to the little girl, Shall I, oh, shall I? Says the little girl to the little boy, What shall we do? Says the little boy to the little girl, I will kiss yo...

48. Boy And The Sparrow
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

A little cock-sparrow sat on a green tree, And he chirruped, he chirruped, so merry was he; A naughty boy came with his wee bow and arrow, Determined to shoot this little cock-sparrow. This little cock-sparrow shall make me a stew, And his giblets s...

49. Burnie Bee
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Burnie bee, burnie bee, Tell me when your wedding be? If it be to-morrow day, Take your wings and fly away.

50. Buttons
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Buttons, a farthing a pair! Come, who will buy them of me? Theyre round and sound and pretty, And fit for girls of the city. Come, who will buy them of me? Buttons, a farthing a pair!


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