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381. You shall have a fish, in a little dish,
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/ Kids Songs , Rhymes , Nursery Rhymes )

You shall have a fish, in a little dish, You shall have a fish, when the boat comes in.

382. Young Lambs To Sell
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

If Id as much money as I could tell, I never would cry young lambs to sell; Young lambs to sell, young lambs to sell; I never would cry young lambs to sell.

383. Young Roger And Dolly
(Kids Rhymes & Songs/Mother Goose Rhymes)

Young Roger came tapping at Dollys window, Thumpaty, thumpaty, thump! He asked for admittance; she answered him No! Frumpaty, frumpaty, frump! No, no, Roger, no! as you came you may go! Stumpaty, stumpaty, stump!

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