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1. A Little Carol
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Welcome, little Brother! Lowly, holy One! Hail thee, Virgin Mother, More than any other Blessed in thy Son! Child, since the poor manger Once thou didst not scorn, Rest thee, little Stranger, Folded from all danger, ...

2. A Rain Song
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Tinkle, tinkle, Lightly fall On the peach buds, pink and small; Tip the tiny grass, and twinkle On the clover, green and tall. Tinkle, tinkle,— Faster now, Little rain-drops, smite and sprinkle Cherry-bloom and apple-bough! Pelt the elms, and ...

3. A Song Of The Christmas-Tree
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

We can tell Him of our love If we set a light for Him.

4. A Sure Sign
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

When you see upon the walk Circles newly made of chalk, And around them all the day Little boys in eager play Rolling marbles, agates fine, Banded, polished, red as wine, Marbles crystal as the dew, Each with rainbows twisted...

5. A Valentine To A Little Child
(Songs/Childrens Songs)

Dear heart, on this thrice-blessed day, An thou my sweetheart be, The rose of love shall bide alway Upon the red-rose tree. And in the garden of my heart So ceaselessly shall shine, The little birds will know thou art ...

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