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Childrens Songs are relatively short musical works for the human voice which generally features words / lyrics. Childrens Songs are often sung without musical instruments however they can also be accompanied by musical instruments. The words of Childrens songs are often of a poetic, rhyming nature, although they may be free prose or even religious verse. Songs are broadly divided into many different forms, depending on the criteria used. One division is between nursery Rhymes, art songs, popular music songs, and folk songs.

Songs for adults & teenagers often only differ in that they are of a longer duration and more commonly accompanied by musical instruments.

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Poems and Songs : This site is dedicated to Lyrics / words of Childrens Poetry (including a few Nursery rhymes), Childrens Songs  and Childrens Poetry. If you enjoy poetry and childrens songs then please browse this site to find some old favorites. Find words to Childrens poems and lyrics to kids songs. 

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